Junior Coaching

The junior coaching programme is extremely popular at Brookfield. From the age of 7, it is for members only and runs from September to June each year. For under 7s, there is no membership fee.

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Coaching Team









Kristine, Tadhg and Mark

Tadhg Lambe

The Director of Tennis in Brookfield is Tadhg Lambe, who is considered one of the best coaches in Ireland. Over the last 20 years Tadhg has trained coaches from the Level 1 up to the highest National grade of Level 3.

He is a member of Sutton Tennis Club’s five-in-a-row winning Class 1 team and winner of 21 ‘open’ titles around Ireland. 

Tadhg is a Level 3 coach and besides being a regular participant at World and European Conferences he has worked with international coaches such as Ivo Van Aken, Louis Cayer, Leif Dahlgren and Frank Van Freyenhoven.




Mark McAndrew

Mark has been coaching for five years in Brookfield and is a Tennis Ireland Level 2 certified coach.

He has played at Class 2 level in Dublin leagues and has competed in many open tournaments. As a junior he was a member of the David Lloyd elite squad

Mark currently represents Brookfield in Class 3 of the Dublin League.





Kristine Kornikova


Kristine has played Class 1 Dublin League and currently holds the Irish Ladies Open title for over 35s. She was a national standard junior player in her native Latvia.

She is now a naturalised Irish citizen representing Ireland at the World Vets Championships

She is certified at Level 1 by Tennis Ireland and represents Brookfield in Dublin League competitions.





Coaching Methodology

Core to Brookfield’s Coaching is FUNdamental Movements Skills (FMS). These movement skills are important since they are the building blocks for more complex and specialized skills required by children throughout their lives to competently and confidently play different games, sports and recreational activities.

There are three key FMS Categories:

  • Locomotor Skills – running, jumping, skipping, hopping
  • Balance Skills – movements where the body remains in place
  • Ball Skills – catching, throwing, striking, kicking

The teaching of FMS is an essential part of Brookfield’s coaching methodology, from the youngest minis to teenagers. It is all about mixing fun and learning and enabling the children to develop core skills that will benefit them for tennis and all sports. It’s also about building a passion for tennis that will stay with the children throughout their lives. 

Tennis Camps

Brookfield run tennis camps run for a week at Easter and twice during the summer school holidays. They are for all levels of players and are extremely popular, so it advised to book early. Click here to view the latest camp details.

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